Meet HEROweb's Web Development Team

HEROweb Marketing and Design, the creators of MightyMerchant, is based in Springfield, Oregon and has been providing top-level technical services to nationwide clients since 1996.

Our Goal

We believe getting your business online should be a fun and stress-free adventure for you. We love getting to know you, learning about your business, and putting together great websites. Our goal is to provide business owners with straight-forward, comprehensive, and affordable web site development and support services that produce positive financial results.

Staci Schipporeit

Co-Owner and Software Architect

I'm Staci, creator of our hosted eCommerce/CMS platform, MightyMerchant. I have been fascinated with computers since I got my first Radio Shack TRS-80 back in junior high. I graduated with a CIS degree from the University of Oregon in 1987 and I've been writing database driven software applications non-stop since then.

After graduating, I spent a few years at the University of Oregon writing conference and course registration software, then moved onto authoring mortgage origination software that was deployed at credit unions throughout the US and sprinkled in several vertical market applications as an independent consultant.

I love to create software that is transparent so you don't have to think about how to use it, it just works as you expect it to. I love how web development tools are constantly evolving and how we can take so many different technologies, many of them conceptually quite simple, and we can combine them to create something functionally and aesthetically beautiful.

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my husband, our three children (now mostly grown), gardening, playing tennis, working outdoors, reading and solving puzzles (even though solving puzzles pretty much defines my job too).

Michael Stearns

Co-Owner, CEO, and Thumbs-Up Guy

I am Michael Stearns - the co-owner, jack-of-all-trades, and head cheerleader at HEROweb. My main areas of responsibility include System Architecture, Technical Administration, Customer Support, and doing anything and everything it takes to keep our customers' websites ticking along.

Since Al Gore has already laid claim to founding the Internet, I can't take the credit for that one, but I have been a die-hard Internet user since the early days. Prior to founding HEROweb, I worked as an Internet Technical Writer at the University of Oregon and went on to be the lead designer and maintainer of the University's central website. My initial focus of doing visual design and writing content has evolved into a much more technical one. My primary interest, as far as computing goes, is how people can use computers to improve the quality of communication.

For the past half dozen years my life has been focused on our Internet business, my wife and 3 kids, and our 17 acre mini-farm in Oregon. Sometimes this is a hard act to balance. But I am never at a loss for something fun and interesting to do.

While the Internet has been a very fast rags-to-riches-to-rags story for many participants in the dot-com craze, HEROweb has taken a slow and steady approach to building our business. We like to think of ourselves as the Heinz Ketchup of Internet companies. We invite you to give us a try!

  • Image Teija Stearns

    Web Developer

    I've observed the growth of this business since an early age (when it was only Mom and Dad working out of the basement in our house). I've worked at HEROweb each summer since high school. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism in 2014 and taking a few months to travel through Europe, I am back to work in the family business.

    I've had many roles at HEROweb over the years, but now I focus on rebuilding websites for mobile phones. I enjoy the puzzle of creating websites that are mobile responsive and user-friendly for both our clients and their customers.

    When I'm not building websites I enjoy traveling to destinations both near and far, playing piano, reading, and staying active.

  • Image Shannon Nordquist

    Web Developer

    I'm really excited to be a member of the HEROweb team!

    I'm a U of O grad with a degree in English Lit, but I also studied computer programming at LCC and then taught web design and programming with python to high school students for many years. I also managed a HEROweb website during that time, so it's fun to be on the 'other end' of the process!

    In my free time I enjoy gardening, reading, spending time with my kids and walking my two dogs with my husband Mark.

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