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Get to know some of the custom features and functionality that the MightyMerchant platform has to offer.


Discover MightyMerchant’s seamless blend of cutting-edge mobile ecommerce solutions, custom website development, and innovative ecommerce mobile website design, all catering to your diverse needs.

Ecommerce Website Design

The MightyMerchant team creates visually stunning and user-friendly ecommerce websites tailored to your brand, empowering you to showcase your products and drive sales effectively in the digital marketplace.

Custom Website Development

MightyMerchant specializes in crafting bespoke, feature-rich websites that cater to your unique business needs, providing a seamless user experience and enabling you to stand out in the online realm with a distinctive digital presence.

Informational Website

Our informational website service offers professionally designed platforms that deliver comprehensive and engaging content, ensuring your visitors can access valuable information effortlessly and gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s mission, services or products.

Wholesale & B2B

Unlock the full potential of your wholesale and B2B business with MightyMerchant’s comprehensive suite of features, including password-protected access, personalized account price groups, sales rep accounts, saved order functionality, automated dealer application and approval process, and a user-friendly store locator for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Password Protection

Protect your sensitive data. Wholesale pricing is only displayed when a valid user name and password is entered for an approved wholesale dealer account log in. You can choose to have one or multiple levels of wholesale pricing. You can choose whether you want to accept both wholesale and retail orders, or showcase your products to all visitors but only allow approved dealers to order.

Account Price Groups

Different customers often qualify for different levels of discounts. MightyMerchant makes it easy to assign customers to their appropriate discount level. Customers will see their pricing level and not any of the other pricing levels.

Sales Rep Accounts

Account reps can log in and place orders for their customers. Once logged in, account reps can search for accounts and will only have access to customers assigned to them. The rep will choose the customer and place the order for the customer. Reps will have access to a materials/downloads content area available only to them.

Saved Orders

Allow customers to “build” an order over time, creating a collection of items they are planning on purchasing. Customers can add items to and remove items from the saved order for as long as they wish until they are ready to officially submit their order.

Automated Dealer Application and Approval

Visitors to your site can apply to become dealers by filling out a form on your website. We’ll customize the form to collect the information you need. You will receive an email notification to approve the account with one click so the dealer can begin making purchases on your website at wholesale prices.

Store Locator

Want to help your customers find a local dealer for your products? By entering their postal zip code, your customers will be able to find out where your products are sold in their area.

Easy Login to Customer Accounts

A very handy MightyMerchant feature is our “login as” feature. This function allows the site owner to easily log into any customer account with one click and place an order for a customer.

SKU Based Ordering

Customers that know the exact SKU numbers of the items they want, can save time ordering by entering all the SKUs and desired quantities into a single page. When they are done entering their order, they can then press a button to add all entered items directly to their shopping cart at the same time.

Order and Inventory API

Need to integrate with your accounting package? MightyMerchant offers an API allowing you to retrieve and update orders and inventory on the site.


Explore our dynamic pricing offerings, encompassing product variants with customizable options, per item quantity price breaks, sitewide discounts, shared pricing options with attribute sets, and a seamless system for dependent pricing and personalization to suit your unique needs.

Product Variants and Options Based Pricing

This feature lets you offer a single product with multiple options, sizes or variations, some of which affect the price. For example, the Derma Shield Barrier Cream is offered in both 2.0 oz. and 8.0 oz. sizes. Instead of having two separate product listings, you can have a size-based variable pricing option.

Per Item Quantity Price Breaks

Offer automatically calculated price breaks when your customers order a larger quantity of items. Price breaks can be $XX/unit, percentage off base price, or dollar amount off base price. Price breaks display on your product pages. This is a great way to increase the total sale of your orders. The discounts will be calculated by the shopping cart when the items are added.

Sitewide Discounts

Sitewide discounts allow you to group products so when they are purchased together a percent discount is applied to the order. You can have as many items as you like in a discount group and you can apply multiple discount thresholds. You can even set up several discount groups with different price levels.

Shared Pricing Options and Attribute Sets

Shared options sets are really easy to use. Simply set up an options set like normal (attribute options, pricing options, quantity price breaks, etc.), mark the option set as "shared", then go to the product you wish to edit and assign that new shared option set.

Dependent Pricing

When product availability relies on knowing a combination of two attributes, such as a specific fabric and size, this is a must-have feature. With this feature, the choices available for the second attribute are dependent upon which first attribute is chosen.


Products can be set up to allow your customers to customize them with inscriptions, monograms, and engravings for an additional charge.

Checkout & Shipping

Enjoy a streamlined shopping experience with our easy two-step checkout process, tailored data collection, diverse payment methods, seamless user account integration, and hassle-free direct integration with USPS, and FedEx, complemented by customizable shipping methods to ensure swift and efficient delivery.

Simple Two-step Checkout Process

Our simple two-step process is designed to increase conversions by displaying shipping charges early on in the checkout process before requiring the visitor to enter personal information, making it less likely for them to abandon their cart.

Custom Data Collection

Custom data collection enables you to add additional fields to your checkout page that are necessary for your business processes (preferred ship date, advertising source, etc.). Information collected can be emailed or stored for future download.

Multiple Payment Methods

MightyMerchant offers a plethora of payment options. Customers can pay by standard credit card or PayPal express checkout, as well as check, money order, purchase order, account terms, and other user-definable methods.

User Account Integration

User account integration makes creating an account, logging in, or opting to proceed without an account easy. It provides a faster checkout experience for customers with an account. Account holders can simply login to view past orders and place new orders without needing to re-enter their billing or shipping information.

Direct Integration with USPS, UPS, FedEx

MightyMerchant v5 includes a new shipping module with automated UPS, USPS, and FedEx integration. Integrating your website with any of these shipping services allows your website to calculate shipping rates using real time rates from the shipping service you have selected.

Per Product Shipping Overrides

With our new "How Many Fit in a Box" shipping feature you can specify on a per product basis how many of an item fit in a box. This makes it easy for you to adjust your shipping calculations according to UPS and FedEx's new shipping rates, which are now based on both weight and package size.

Custom Shipping Methods

If integrated shipping doesn’t meet your shipping requirements, MightyMerchant gives you the option to define your own custom shipping methods. With options like custom price breaks, free shipping thresholds, and handling fees.

Shipping Quote Feature

Our shipping quote feature gives you the opportunity to communicate the total cost of an order before charging your customer. This option is ideal for international orders or products that have unique shipping requirements.


Elevate your marketing efforts with MightyMerchant’s array of powerful tools, including advanced Google Analytics integration, seamless email marketing capabilities, a versatile sale and coupon manager, and the added option of offering gift certificates, all designed to boost your brand’s reach and drive customer engagement.

Advanced Google Analytics Integration

MightyMerchant offers excellent built-in integration with many advanced features from Google Analytics including: Ecommerce Analytics and event tracking.

Email Marketing Integration

MightyMerchant integrates with Constant Contact, Vertical Response and MailChimp to provide you with the automated updating of your email lists.

Sale and Coupon Manager

The flexible MightyMerchant Sale and Coupon Manager gives you granular control to run and promote multiple sales simultaneously on your website. Specifics include but are not limited to discount product price by dollar or percent, discount shipping, trigger with coupon codes and/or order minimums, setup date ranges, sales by product, category or full store.

Gift Certificates

Our gift certificate feature allows gift-givers to buy gift certificates in any amount. Our Site Manager keeps a running total of the remaining total on a gift certificate and a shopper will be prompted to pay the balance of an order beyond their gift certificate's value.

Related Items/Cross-selling

Upsell related items to your customers while they shop your site. Related products are often shown on product detail pages, but they can also be shown in the cart as items are added.

Email Newsletter Sign-up Integration

We will set up a newsletter signup form that is branded to your business on your site. Opt-in opportunities will be added to the Contact Form and Checkout Form. Newsletter signups will go directly to your Constant Contact email list. This service includes testing of the forms for email delivery.

Quote and Estimate tool

Simply use the 'Create Estimate' feature to fill a shopping cart with your recommendations and send an email message to your customer with a link to the full shopping cart that contains your recommendations. Your customer can then click the link in the email and can enter their shipping and billing information to purchase your recommendations.

Optimized URLs

The optimized URL feature gives our customers complete control over the wording of their URLs. The root domain (your website name) will always be the same, but the extension of the URL can be modified, so the appearance of the optimized URLs is shorter, more streamlined, and easier to read.


Manage your online business effortlessly with MightyMerchant’s powerful Management tools that encompass Online Order Management, QuickBooks integration options, custom Payment Forms, a Quote and Estimate Tool, and the ability to Download Orders easily, all seamlessly integrated with our Content Management System featuring various presentation formats.

Online Order Management

Streamline your fulfillment process and enhance customer service with our Order Manager, enabling easy order tracking, status updates, email notifications, and flexible payment tracking with custom lists for efficient order and billing management.

QuickBooks Integration

Integrate your website with QuickBooks effortlessly through two options - T-HUB from Atandra, offering multi-channel order management, and Transaction Pro Importer, allowing simple import of MightyMerchant orders to QuickBooks.

Payment Form

Take payments on your website through a custom payment form, suitable for charging services, custom products, and collecting additional shipping charges with secure online processing options.

Quote and Estimate Tool

Provide personalized shopping cart recommendations to customers through the 'Create Estimate' feature, allowing them to review and purchase items easily with their shipping and billing information.

Download Orders

Efficiently manage your order information by downloading and saving orders in a comma-separated file, making it easy to transfer data to accounting systems, shipping platforms, and other third-party applications.

Content Management System

Maximize content presentation with specially configured sections, such as embedded calendars, mini-blogs, videos, photo galleries, staff bios/employee directories, and class/event schedules, giving you versatile options to showcase information effectively.

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