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If you are looking for our contact information, kindly scroll down the page. If you want to learn how HEROweb Marketing and Design has grown into the powerhouse website developer in the Eugene/Springfield area, read on.

HEROweb Marketing & Design is a division of Datahost, Inc. We have been serving customers throughout the United States and Canada since 1996. Our staff has developed a wealth of experience over the last decade in all aspects of web design, hosting, and marketing. Our specialty has been Ecommerce. We are the authors of MightyMerchant-one of the leading ecommerce platforms available for small businesses.

What is so unique about our business is that we combine the "feel" of a small, personal design firm with the knowledge and expertise of a vendor ten times our size. We develop close relationships with our customers and grow into integral parts of their businesses. We have the breadth of knowledge and expertise to grow along with our customers and help them build their online business into a valuable (and profitable) asset.

The Principals

Co-owners Staci Schipporeit and Michael Stearns started in the computer business around 1990. Staci has a computer science degree from the University of Oregon and Michael worked at the UO Computing Center when the Internet was just starting to take off. Although they both spend a lot of time in front of the computer these days, they actually met in a juggling class at the UO! How geeky is that?

"Being in the Internet business has been a perfect fit," says Staci. "We have both have always enjoyed the Internet and computing, and we wanted to build on our knowledge and do something entrepreneurial." Staci became the chief architect and programmer of the MightyMerchant Ecommerce System. She has developed the software with strong attention to ease-of-use and convenience for site owners.

Michael adds, "Our sense of humor and desire to have fun has allowed us to focus on the people and not the machines in the demanding Internet technology field."

Click here to meet our complete Web Development Team

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