Shared Pricing Options and Attribute Sets

MightyMerchant's Shared Option Sets allows you to create a set of options/attributes once and then apply it to as many products as you wish. This is a great time-saving feature for customers who have certain option sets that get used over and over again.

Shared options sets are really easy to use. All you do is set up an options set like normal (attribute options, pricing options, quantity price breaks, etc.), mark the option set as "shared", then go to the product you wish to edit and assign that new shared option set. With the shared option created, you can assign shared option sets to each applicable product with one click rather than having to set up the same [example - size, color, etc.] options set over and over again for each product individually.

It's not just about saving time in setting up complex products -- changes to an existing shared option set update all connected products automatically. Need to add a color option or charge more for a certain size? Change it once in the shared option and see those changes on every product referencing it.

Here are some of the most common uses:

  • Fabric/color/size - Often available fabrics, colors, and or sizes are the same across a line of clothing or products. 
  • Gift wrapping/special packaging - Many times companies want to offer add-ons that are the same across large parts of their catalog.
  • Personalization - Almost always, personalization options such as monogramming and inscriptions are the same no matter what product they are on.
  • Products with the same pricing discounts - For lines of products that all have the same quantity discount structure (either the exact same per item prices or the same % discounts).
  • Accessories - for product lines with accessories, shared options makes it easy for those accessories to be one-click add-ons - greatly increasing up-selling capabilities.
Image Shared Pricing Options and Attribute Sets

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