Cap Wholesalers

MightyMerchant empowers Cap Wholesalers to soar in the hat market


The primary objective behind creating the Cap Wholesalers website was to establish a platform that effectively sells hats by the dozen. Recognizing the potential in the wholesale hat market, Cap Wholesalers sought to streamline the process of bulk hat purchases and offer customization options for their customers.

Target Audience

The website was designed to cater to two distinct target audiences:
Cap Wholesalers: The website,, focuses on providing a wide range of blank caps to businesses and individuals who prefer to purchase hats in bulk. The target audience for this segment includes retailers, event organizers, and businesses looking for cost-effective, quality caps for resale or promotional purposes.
Customized Wear: Accessible at, this website caters to customers who are interested in personalized caps. It offers a user-friendly platform where users can customize blank caps with logos, text, or artwork, tailored to their specific requirements.

Features and Functionalities

The MightyMerchant-powered website boasts an array of features and functionalities tailored to meet the needs of both segments.
Bulk Pricing: Cap Wholesalers' website presents transparent bulk pricing options, encouraging larger purchases while providing customers with attractive cost savings on wholesale orders.
Cap Customizations: Customized Wear takes advantage of MightyMerchant's capabilities to enable customers to design their own caps. With a user-friendly interface, customers can upload their logos or artwork, add text, and preview the customized caps before placing an order.


The combined impact of the two websites on the wholesale hat market has been remarkable. Cap Wholesalers' online presence, facilitated by MightyMerchant's robust ecommerce platform, has driven significant success.
Impressive Sales: The two websites, together, have generated gross sales exceeding $5 million. This remarkable achievement indicates a strong market demand for wholesale and customizable caps, bolstering Cap Wholesalers' position as a leading player in the industry.
Steady Traffic: The websites consistently attract a substantial number of visitors, indicating a positive reputation and strong market presence. The ongoing interest in the products and services offered suggests sustained success for Cap Wholesalers' online venture.
Consistent Engagement: There is a steady stream of user activity on both sites, with almost always at least one person browsing through the product offerings. This consistent engagement demonstrates the relevance of Cap Wholesalers' offerings to their target audiences.


MightyMerchant has been instrumental in helping Cap Wholesalers achieve their goals of dominating the wholesale hat market. With separate platforms for bulk cap sales and personalized cap customizations, the websites offer a comprehensive solution to their diverse clientele. The outstanding sales figures and consistent web traffic validate the effectiveness of MightyMerchant's e-commerce capabilities in driving growth and success for Cap Wholesalers in the competitive hat industry.
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