HEROweb Pricing Overview

Website Monthly Costs

All websites are assigned a base monthly cost based on the size of the website. The bigger a website is, the more work it is to maintain, expand, provide support for, and/or troubleshoot if something needs to be fixed. We have found that the number of products is a consistent and simple way to determine the resource and support needs of a site.  

Information Only Base Monthly Costs: $45/mo.

Retail Ecommerce Monthly Costs (Based On Number of Products)

$60/mo. - Up to 1000 products

Add $12/mo. per thousand products for the next 4000 products (up to 5000)

Add $6/mo. per thousand for the next 5000 (up to 10,000)

Add $3/mo. per thousand for the next 10,000 (up to 20,000)

Custom quotes for all sites over 20,000 products.

Dual Wholesale/Retail Websites

Add $20/mo. to the base price above.

Adjustment to Your Monthly Cost
  • We will not change your ongoing monthly cost without your prior notification and consent.
  • In the event you exceed your bandwidth/storage allocations in a given month, additional charges will be added to your next month's bill.
  • Internet marketing activities and consulting services have their own monthly pricing and are considered separate from website monthly costs.


What's Included with Your Monthly Fees

Your monthly fees cover:

  • Hosting
  • Updates for the MightyMerchant Platform
  • Email Accounts (the exact number depends on your plan)
  • Full-Service Technical Support
  • A shared Security Certificate

Read on to learn the details about our support services.

What’s Included in Technical Support

Technical support for the MightyMerchant platform is free for our customers. Some examples of technical issues we can help you with include:

  • Help with your Site Manager, like adding a product or setting up shipping
  • Assistance with pages displaying incorrectly on your website or not displaying at all
  • Troubleshooting an issue with an order or the payment processing on your website
  • Assistance with configuring a sale/promotion
  • Assessing why your shipping is not calculating correctly

These are just a few examples. There are a wide range of support issues we are ready to help with to ensure that your site is functioning correctly. We do our best to solve your problem promptly and also to help you learn how to use your site more effectively.

HEROweb also provides technical assistance for the email accounts associated with your website. There is a limit to the amount of troubleshooting we can provide for email accounts. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need to engage a support service to help you with your computer setup or email program configuration.

Free support does not include:

  • Site content updates and additions
  • Troubleshooting of third party services (i.e., ConstantContact, Google Adwords, Shipworks)
  • Business consulting
  • Data imports, exports, or global updates
  • Custom programming
  • Modifications to your website templates

These services are billed in 15-minute increments. We will inform you and get your approval before we embark on billable work.

We do not provide general computer support such as

  • Using Quickbooks, Excel, Word, Photoshop, or other desktop programs
  • Connecting to the Internet or setting up your router
  • Configuring your smartphone
  • Problems printing from your computer

Hourly Rates

(as of 1/1/18)

$75 per hour for web design and development. This includes creating and updating html and css and doing web page design.

$150 per hour for custom programming. This includes programming in PHP, Javascript, or any similar advanced programming language.

Website Hosting

We provide a free hosting package at no additional cost with all of our websites. This free hosting package works for almost all of our customer's websites.  
Specifications of Free Hosting Package (on our shared servers):
  • 1 GB of disk space
  • 10GB of bandwidth per month
  • High Speed Connectivity
  • Four level backups 
  • Redundant disk storage 
  • UPS battery and power generator backup system
  • SSL – Free Security certificate for collecting and transmitting data securely
In the event a client's website needs additional hosting resources, we charge the following monthly additional monthly fees:  
  • $5 per 1 gig of extra bandwidth
  • $2 per 1 gig of extra storage   

Custom Security Certificates

Every HEROweb website comes with the use of a free shared security certificate. 

Before purchasing your certificate, we recommend you read our information page on  security certificates

If you would like your own security certificate, here are the options:

1. HEROweb purchases and installs a Thawte SSL 123 security certificate for you:

  • $295 for one year; $400 for two years.

2. You purchase your own security certificate and HEROweb installs the certificate for you.

  • $150 for one year; $175 for two years.

Domain Registration

$27.00 - 1 year Registration/Renewal for .COM
$30.00 - 1 year Registration/Renewal for .NET,
$30.00 - 1 year Registration/Renewal .ORG
$60.00 - 3 year Renewal for, .COM
$75.00 - 3 year Renewal for, .NET
$65.00 - 3 year Renewal for, .ORG
$105.00 - 6 year Renewal for, .COM
$125.00 - 6 year Renewal for, .NET
$120. 00 - 6 year Renewal for .ORG 

$12.00 - 1 year Private Registration

Domain Transfers

$40.00 - .COM, which includes a one year renewal
$43.00 - .NET, .ORG, which includes a one year renewal

Email Accounts

Each website is supplied with 3-5 POP3/IMAP 2 Gigabyte (GB) Email Accounts (depending on size of website) & unlimited email aliases. Additional email accounts are available, if necessary. Please contact us for solutions / pricing for your company's specific email needs.

Email Add-ons 

Additional Accounts - $3.00 each per month (2 GB)

Additional Gigabytes - $2.00 per GB per month. Custom pricing available when your storage needs exceed 10 GB per account.

Mobile Sync - please contact us for pricing

For sites with individualized needs, custom plans are available

Additional Hosting Options  

To keep the speed & reliability of our shared servers high, we place limitations on the “size” of the websites that can reside on them.  
The Limitations for websites on the Shared Servers:
  • 30,000 Products
  • 30 GB of Bandwidth Usage Per Month.
  • 100 GB of Disk Space   
We also strictly regulate the number of websites on each shared server by capping each shared server at 750 GB of outgoing bandwidth per month.  
If a website has needs outside the limits of our shared hosting environment, we have semi-dedicated and dedicated servers.  
Base Monthly Costs for Larger Sites: $400 – Semi-dedicated Server Environment $1000 – Dedicated Server Environment
If your website qualifies for the shared server environment but you want to be on a semi-dedicated or dedicated server for any reason, you can upgrade at anytime.    
Common Features That Have An Additional Monthly Cost Associated: There are certain advanced features / functionality that have an additional monthly cost associated.  
Here are the 4 most common advanced/extra features we offer that have a monthly charge:
  • $20 – QuickBooks Integration
  • $10 – WordPress.org Blog
  • $20 – Wholesale Module
  • $5 – Automated Google Product Feed   
At this time there are no other common advanced features / functionality that have a monthly cost. We will let you know if any functionality you want to add to your site has a monthly cost before applying the update. 
Any 3rd party software integrations / installations will likely have a monthly cost associated such as forum or CRM software.    

Other Factors That Can Affect the Monthly Cost of Your Website 

Please Note: HEROweb has no control over nor involvement with your merchant account or payment gateway past the initial software integration. Any monthly/yearly costs charged for credit card processing are between you and your financial institutions and are completely separate from any HEROweb fees.  
Integrations with 3rd party software – these can potentially use extra resources and take extra maintenance.  
Streaming Video/Audio Delivery – large bandwidth requirements and sometime require unique server configurations.  
Significant Support Requirements (regularly scheduled imports / exports, automated processes, etc.)  
Internet Marketing Services – separate monthly costs
3rd Party Security Scanning – can use up a lot of bandwidth on a larger website  
Multi-Site Discount – have more than 1 site with us and receive a %10 discount (ask for details)    
This is not an exhaustive list. Other custom requests and applications can impact monthly cost.
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