Downloading Your Site Resources/Moving Your Site

Customers contact us from time-to-time wanting to get a copy of their website. These are the leading reasons:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Want a static off-line version of the site.
  • Moving the site to another provider.
  • Going out of business and want an archive.

Your objective for the site backup, will dictate the best type of approach to take. What you might need is a set of data that you can move into another system. Or, you might want a static snapshot of your site. These are completely different types of archives intended for different purposes.

Here are some important points to consider.

  1. If you are on the latest version of MightyMerchant, you should be able to download your data from the Site Manager.
  2. There are several excellent programs for creating a backup archive of your entire site, including HTTrack on Windows and Site Sucker on Mac. Archive.org is another excellent resource for viewing online snapshots of your website over time. If you want a static backup of your site, these programs could very well meet your needs.
  3. If you want a complete archive of all your data, images, source files, and related assets, it will take some time for us to put that together for you and will usually cost $150.
  4. If you take your site off-line, we will keep all data and assets related to your site for a minimum of three years.

Moving Your Site to a Different Provider 

Note these important points:

  1. For your security, we will not talk to another provider about your site or give them access to your data, without first getting your permission.
  2. We require 30 days notice for ending your month-to-month website hosting agreement.
  3. If you are moving your site and we are also managing your domain registration, you will want to move your domain registration to another provider.

If you would like to move your site to a different provider we suggest the following steps for obtaining your site assets in a usable format. The data that MightyMerchant outputs is in csv (comma-separated) format, which can be imported into most database driven systems.

Site Design: MightyMerchant v5 utilizes the Bootstrap web development framework, a widely deployed web framework used by thousands of web developers around the world. Assuming you want to stay with something similar to your existing design, a bootstrap developer can likely save your page layout, along with the related javsacript and css resources, and port the design into another platform. In Google Chrome, you would choose "Save Page As..." from the File menu and select "Webpage, Complete."

Images: Your current site images are available by going to your web browser and entering "shop/webimages.zip" after your root domain name. It is possible that the zip file can be extremely large and take a long time (30 minutes-an hour) to download, depending on the speed of your connection. Once you download the file, you can double-click the archive to expand it and view your images. If the file does not successfully expand, there might have been an issue with the download.

Product Data: In your Site Manager, go to your main Catalog page and click "Download Items." Click off the fields you would like to download and download your file. (Do NOT click any of the Options/Variants fields in this step.) Then, click "download now."

Options/Variants Data: Go to the same "Download Items" screen as in the above step. This time, click the "Product Name" field along with all the "Options/Variants" fields you want to include. Then, click "download now."

Category Data: You can download category detail information for any part of your category tree by going to the "I want to..." menu for that category and selecting "Download Category Data." Click the fields you would like to download and click "download now."

Account Data: Click the "Accounts" link in your Site Manager and click "Download Accounts."

Order Data: Click the "Orders" link in your Site Manager and click "Download Orders." You can specify a date range for the orders you would like to download. There are many options for downloading orders and we have complete instructions on this page: http://support.mightymerchant.com/downloading-orders

By following the above steps, you will have a set of csv data files for each of the key aspects of your site. Your new provider or developer will likely be able to utilize this set of files to import into your new system.

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