Pricing and Billing Policies FAQ

At HEROweb, we strive to provide the best value in the industry. As you can see by reading the feedback from scores of happy customers, we have built our business on going the extra mile. 

Website Development Projects

  • Most full website development projects are done on a bid basis with a specific scope-of-work, defined in a written project proposal. Website development projects start at $1200 and increase in price dependent on the complexity of the project and details of the visual design.
  • Work that falls outside the scope-of-work is either completed at an hourly rate or a new bid is provided.
  •  Small projects, taking under approximately 10 hours to complete are usually done on an hourly basis, at our hourly web development or programming rates, depending on the type of work being done.

Shopping Cart Customizations

HEROweb develops custom websites utilizing our MightyMerchant Ecommerce Platform. Hundreds of customers utilize our platform and we are continually adding new features to the software. 

HEROweb implements many custom features for customers at no additional cost. Based on all the excellent ideas and requests we receive from our customers, we build new and flexible features into our software all the time. However, there are some Ecommerce features and functionality that are integral to the logic of the MightyMerchant software and Ecommerce process. Customization of these features include an additional cost, as each time we put out a new software release, these customizations will require ongoing maintenance, support, and testing for any site that has the customizations.

Some examples include:
  • Modifications to the checkout process and checkout pages on your website.
  • Adjustments to the logic of the following features: sales and coupons, account management, product attribute pricing calculations.
  • Customized shipping and handling calculations, beyond the myriad of customizations that are built into MightyMerchant.

The base cost for customizations to these core Ecommerce features is $850. Some customizations will require a custom programming quote beyond the base price.

Monthly Pricing

Included in your monthly fee are many valuable services, including the benefits of our staff's expertise and experience in eCommerce web development. The Monthly Fees for our MightyMerchant Platform are based on the following factors:
  • Base price for software, support, and server maintenance.
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Server resources
  • Email Accounts

Included Services

Below is a list of services that we typically include in our monthly fee:
  • Site Hosting and Server Maintenance
  • Unlimited access to the MightyMerchant Site Manager for updating your website
  • Secure shopping cart
  • Free* technical support for built - in MightyMerchant features (examples include: shipping calculating incorrectly, a customer reporting a problem ordering on your site, or pages not displaying correctly)
  • Email Troubleshooting and assistance with account setup
  • Email hosting for the number of accounts in your agreement
  • Free consultations regarding MightyMerchant feature additions or upgrades
  • Advice on eCommerce related issues. (Within reason)
  • Basic training on using the Site Manager
  • Google analytics reporting

Billable Services

Site Updates and Maintenance

The following requests would be subject to our hourly design rate of $65, or we can provide you with an estimate. Note that email communication and phone consultations for these items will be included in the billable time:

  • Requested updates to your site, including data entry and html formatting performed by our staff
  • Changes and feature additions that can't be accomplished through site manager training
  • Technical support for your home or office computer hardware or software
  • Technical support for configuring your email program beyond the initial setup
  • Design or layout changes
  • Image sizing and manipulation
  • Creation of additional page layouts that differ from existing ones
  • Site version Upgrades
  • Researching and implementation of requests for third party feature integration
  • SEO or marketing consultation and services performed by our staff
  • Training of new staff or employees
  • Graphic design, logo or image creation
  • Reviewing and adding (If approved) any third party script or code on our servers
  • Any item related to a custom programming request

Custom Programming

Custom programming is defined as features or functionality that you have requested that are outside of the built-in features of MightyMerchant. Custom programming estimates are based on the time we think will be required for research, implementation and testing. If, after getting further into the programming, this estimate is not realistic, we will contact you to discuss costs and feasibility.

Over time, it may be necessary to make adjustments to this custom programming either because we discover bugs or to maintain compatibility with future versions of MightyMerchant or other software that your web site relies on. In the event that we do find a bug at a later date or need to make coding updates, we will have to bill you for our time for that work regardless of the source of the problem.

We do not charge to fix bugs in the MightyMerchant platform. Our customers have sometimes been confused when we have billed them for updates to custom programming. We bill hourly for all support, updates, and bug fixes for Custom Programming projects. Our programming rate is $100 per hour.

Examples of Custom Programming include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up a product or inventory feed directly from a distributor / manufacturer
  • Automated data import from a spreadsheet, or export to a file
  • Custom tax or shipping calculations
  • Custom report creation

Backup Recovery

HEROweb maintains backups of your data. If you accidentally delete items in your site manager and would like us to recover your data from backup, there is a minimum $50 charge per incident. This charge may be higher if you need us to do a partial data recovery or if you need us to recover data that is more than 3 days old.


HEROweb is continually improving and updating our software. Some of those upgrades and feature enhancements are provided to you at no cost. Full version upgrades often involve considerable work to migrate your site to a new version and thoroughly test the new functionality. Version upgrades typically have a one-time upgrade cost associated. We will always inform you before performing any version upgrades and give you the opportunity to choose whether to upgrade your site. If your site includes Custom Programming features, as defined in the section above, then you might have additional costs related to upgrading and testing these custom features.

*If you have a question regarding what items might be billable, we encourage you to discuss it with our staff in advance of fulfilling your request.

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