What Is Mobile Development and Optimization All About?

Image What Is Mobile Development and Optimization All About?

It's a known fact that mobile accessibility (including mobile optimized websites) are an important part of any business, as more people use their mobile devices to surf the web and shop. As a result, we have delved into the effort of developing a robust set of services for mobile website development.

What is mobile website optimization? Optimizing a site for mobile means the design is optimized for mobile platforms. That doesn’t just mean phones! This includes the website appearance on the small screen of smartphones as well as the larger size tablet displays. Optimization of mobile requires a different strategy than for a desktop site. Mobile users have different navigation habits and expectations. They engage with mobile sites differently. 

  • Information should be easy to find: The location or phone number should be noticeable.
  • Information should be easy to get: The “more information” button, for instance, should be large enough to tap without having to pinch and zoom out. Your customers will be using their mobile device to look up your information such as location, store hours, and directions, so make sure it's apparent.
  • All processes should be streamlined: Finding information, browsing, or purchasing should be as easy as possible.

What is mobile email optimization? The layout of mobile-friendly email should be approached a little differently, although the general content can remain the same.

  • Keep your subject line short: This is all your customer may be able to see in the small viewing area on a phone. Concise, strong subject lines will be more eye-catching.
  • Don't overload on images: Including images is important, but remember your recipients are looking at a small screen. Strive for a balance of images and text, and keep the images small.
  • Include plenty of links: Your mobile shoppers will use these links to visit your website, and they will want to be taken directly to what they are looking for. Remember, 57% of smartphone owners who made a purchase did so after receiving a marketing email message.
  • Include important seasonal information: Your address and phone number, a link to a map with your business location, special holiday hours, and special promotional info can only help drive sales.
  • Include a “click-to-call” link in your emails: If your business relies on phone calls (such as a doctor's office, salon, restaurant, or other service-oriented business), a single click can connect the email recipient to your business.

Mobile marketing tips: Collecting customer mobile numbers will be critical for your mobile campaigns. Consider some promotion to encourage your customers to share their mobile numbers with you now, so your list is ready when you're ready.

  • Exchange coupons for phone numbers: If you have a brick and mortar store, hand customers a paper coupon (it will be their last one!) in exchange for their mobile number.
  • Create a mobile promo on your website: Add a form field to your website prompting customers to enter their mobile numbers in exchange for a coupon or special offer. Building your mobile contact database will allow you to take advantage of text or SMS marketing campaigns next year.
  • Utilize QR codes: Smartphones can be used for creative QR Code marketing campaigns. A QR Code can link to a landing page that provides mobile holiday shoppers with an exclusive discount.

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