The Importance of Coupons

With the economy not quite back to full health, shoppers are as price conscious as ever.

According to the latest Online Shopper Intelligence survey, one-third of online shoppers surveyed said they generally use coupon sites while shopping online.

What consumers are telling you here is that coupons are important to them!
So you might be asking, "How will I make any money by giving away huge discounts?"

The answer is that your coupons don't necessarily have to all be Fire-Sale level. In fact, coupons have a high ROI, concludes the OSI report, as even a small discount consumers receive encourages them to spend more money. When asked how much they spent on their most recent online purchase, consumers who used a coupon spend almost twice as much as consumers who did not use a coupon.

So, if you're not using coupon codes, you certainly want to think about it (since your competition likely is!). And if you are, make sure your audience sees it in your advertising, and test the placement of your coupons directly on the web's top coupon sites!

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