We shopped for months...arguably our best business decision to date.

MightyMerchant Rocks!

Based near Atlanta, GA we never imagined our web site would be hosted out of Oregon, but we discovered that is where the best and friendliest design team in the country resides.

We shopped for months looking for an organization fully capable of helping with the design, layout and hosting needs of our site. We placed an extraordinarily high value on quality customer service which had to be responsive and friendly. These values were simply not negotiable and immediately weeded out many of the design/hosting firms we contacted. We found MightyMerchant to be different. From a unique down home family-style atmosphere to state-of-the-art technology coupled with incredibly talented designers and technicians, MightyMerchant was the perfect fit for our organization. Finding them was hard. Selecting them was easy. Being completely overjoyed by the level of service and support was completely effortless. Selecting MightyMerchant is clearly a choice we would make again without hesitation. Arguably our best business decision to date.

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