Tips for Page Title Optimization

By: Michael Stearns

On-Site Search Engine Optimization is a key task that needs to be done for any successful website. There are many aspects to optimizing a website. Creating search engine-friendly page titles is one of the most important.

We have put together these simple guidelines to help you in crafting your page titles.

1. Target each page of your site on 1-3 specific phrases. You do not need or want to target multiple pages for the exact same phrase.

2. Include the phrases in your title, with each phrase off-set by a hyphen, colon, or some other punctuation.

3. Keep your titles relatively brief. Do not attempt to cram a large number of keywords into your page titles.

4. Typically Google and Bing will display the page title you enter as the heading in the search engine listing. So, you want to realize that people will see the page title and you want it to have good readability.

5. Keep in mind that there are a lot of variations on what people will search for related to your product line. If you have hundreds or thousands of products on your site and have some time to devote to SEO, you will want to work the keyword phrase variations into your product pages.

As SEO has evolved and matured, the top search engines are putting more emphasis on off-site factors, such as what other sites are linking into your website. However, good on-site optimization is still an important factor for search engine success.

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