Optimizing Your Site For Holiday Shopping Traffic

Image Optimizing Your Site For Holiday Shopping Traffic

By Vanessa Salvia, 10/10/11

This is an important topic that we address every year. Itís understandable that with the daily demands of managing your business, looking ahead to a holiday more than two months from now might not be at the top of your priority list. However, it takes time for the search engines to notice that you have made changes on your site, so the more you do now (even two or three months in advance) to prepare for the holiday season, the more your business can benefit when the shopping crunch really hits.

We have compiled many useful articles about this topic that we have shared with our readers in the past, and the information bears repeating.

Effective holiday communication doesnít have to be fancy. Alter your home page text to include a simple holiday greeting. When people visit your site, it will help put them in the holiday spirit without blinking holiday graphics in every corner.

Kick off your holiday eCommerce marketing campaign with a promotional email blast offering a free stocking stuffer on orders over $50, for instance. Or, offer free shipping up to a certain date.

Timely actions that you can take to increase your holiday sales are to tune your pages with keywords related to holiday shopping and gift giving. Create some holiday-centric Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and optimize your product pages so that people see your holiday messages no matter what page they land on.

This blog post is part two of a two-part post series that also has several other tips. See part one for tips on how to optimize your site's content for holiday shopping. If youíre planning on sending a Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas promotional email to your customer base, itís important to make it stand out.

Youíre not the only business that is hoping to capitalize on the holiday shopping season. Utilizing some holiday graphics templates on your website and in your promotional materials can help get your site noticed.

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